our Team


Ps. Ian & Daisy Foley

Senior Pastor

Ian first consciously trusted in Jesus when he was 10 years old. He did his secondary school in Geelong and supports the Geelong Cats. He studied science at Melbourne University and became a scientist specialising in Physics. He lectured in Computer Science in Canberra then Swinburne University until 2006. In 1999 he began leading Waverley Centre and became Senior Pastor over Hope Melbourne in 2006.

In line with his teaching anointing, he has a deep understanding of the word of God and a focus on rightly discerning truth to resolve difficult issues. He carries a deep burden to see unity of understanding as disunity caps revival. He has a strong interest in origins, the end times, God’s plan and purpose and areas of confused biblical teaching because they cause people to turn away from God. He carries a keen interest in prayer and the prophetic which underlies much of his ministry.  He has written two books on the end times (The Time is Near 1 and 2) and is currently writing a third.


Ps. Matthew & Lay chein Wong

Centre Pastor, Hope Waverley Centre

Matthew came to know the Lord in 1999, while studying Architecture in Melbourne University. One of his favourite verses is Hebrews 11:10 (NIV2011) “For he was looking forward to the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God.” Indeed God had planted a seed in his heart, a seed that linked faith and architectural together. Since then, Matthew has spearheaded two church building projects. He enjoys making things beautiful and finding solutions through design. In a similar sense, his passion is also about restoring people, helping them to see life beautiful again; and teaching them to find hope and strength through God’s design.

Matthew oversees Hope Church Waverley Centre, based in Notting Hill. He is married to Lay Chein. They have two children, Elizabeth and Micah. In his free time, Matthew likes to get his hands onto some DIY projects.


Ps. Mark & Susan Rusic

Missions & Evangelism Pastor

Mark has a background in engineering and as a missionary to the poor in Indonesia. As a pastor-life coach since 2002, Mark has helped people manage their life challenges and find greater success in service, family and vocation. He’s had the joy of seeing many come to a place of robust emotional health.

Having moved on from his centre-pastor role after sixteen years, Mark is currently directing missions and evangelism support for Hope Christian Church Melbourne.  He has recently pioneered a ‘Mountain-Mover’ initiative, which helps individuals realize their full potential as a light, in the areas of arts and entertainment, media, business, educations and government.  Mark has also led numerous teams to various locations throughout Australia, reaching out to Indigenous and rural based communities, especially those struck by disaster. 

Mark’s overriding passion is to empower the leader in people and help them find and release what they were born for. He has enjoyed his companionship with his wife Susan for almost twenty years and has three young children.  Mark is also an artist, author of two books, and a motivational speaker-life coach to various community groups and organisations.


phil & Ruth Lim

Centre Coordinators, Hope Frankston Centre


dara & Katherine Chan

Centre Coordinators, Hope City Centre

If there is one word you would use to describe Dara, it would be ‘faithful.’ And if you asked Dara what his one impression of God is, he would say ‘faithful.’ Indeed, God has been so faithful to Dara leading him back to Himself whilst studying engineering at RMIT University, supplying his every need throughout life, and blessing him with his wife Katherine and daughter Abigail. Dara has been faithful to God’s call, taking on leadership roles in the student and working adult ministries, and now stepping up as the co-ordinator of Hope Church City Centre, North Melbourne.

He is passionate about helping people know Jesus and realise their personal calling in God. As an engineer, and a bit of a science geek, he loves cosmology and sees God’s glory fully expressed through creation. Whenever he finds himself on a mountaintop gazing at the night sky, Psalm 19 comes to mind: “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.” (ESV2016)